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Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris. Sebuah teks naratif / Narrative Text adalah paragraph yang menceritakan sebuah kisah baik nyata maupun hanya fiksi dan peristiwa tersebut sudah terjadi di masa lampau. Beberapa contoh narrative text antara lain: cerita nyi roro kidul, kisah gunung kinabalu atau kisah terjadinya danau toba.

Berikut ini adalah contoh narrative text bahasa Inggris nyi roro kidul:

The Legend of Nyi Roro Kidul (The Queen of South Ocean) Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Kadita. Because of her beauty she was called Dewi Srengenge. It meant the goddess of sun. Her father was King Munding Wangi. Although he had a beautiful daughter, he was unhappy because he always expected to have a son. The king decided to marry Dewi Mutiara. He had a son from her. Dewi Mutiara wanted her son to become a king in the future. She asked the King to send his daughter away. The king did not agree. Dewi Mutiara called a black wizard to curse Kadita. She wanted Kadita’s beautiful body full of ulcer. Then, Kadita’s body was full of ulcer. It smelled bad. The beautiful princess cried. The King was sad. No one could cure his daughter’s illness. The king did not want her daughter to be a rumor so he sent her away. The poor princess did not know where to go. However, she had a noble heart. She did not have any bad feeling about her step mother. She walked for almost seven days and seven nights. Then, she came to the south
Ocean. The ocean was so clean and clear. She jumped into the water and swam. Suddenly, there was a miracle. The ocean water cured her illness. She became more beautiful than before. She also had a power to command the whole South Ocean. She became a fairy called Nyi Roro Kidul or The Queen of South Ocean.

Bagaimana? Masih Kurang contohnya? kalau begitu, ini ada satu contoh lagi tentang kisah Danau Toba:

The Story of Lake Toba

Once upon a time, there was a man who was living in north Sumatra. He lived in a simple hut in a farming field. He did some gardening and fishing for his daily life.

One day, while the man was do fishing, he caught a big golden fish in his trap. It was the biggest catch which he ever had in his life. Surprisingly, this fish turned into a beautiful princess. He felt in love with her and proposed her to be his wife. She said; "Yes, but you have to promise not to tell anyone about the secret that I was once a fish, otherwise there will be a huge disaster". The man made the deal and they got married, lived happily and had a daughter.

Few years later, this daughter would help bringing lunch to her father out in the fields. One day, his daughter was so hungry and she ate his father’s lunch. Unfortunately, he found out and got furious, and shouted; “You damned daughter of a fish”. The daughter ran home and asked her mother. The mother started crying, felt sad that her husband had broken his promise.

Then she told her daughter to run up the hills because a huge disaster was about to come. When her daughter left, she prayed. Soon there was a big earthquake followed by non-stop pouring rain. The whole area got flooded and became Toba Lake. She turned into a fish again and the man became the island of Samosir.

Semoga contoh narrative text ini dapat membantu anda lebih memahami apa itu teks naratif sekaligus menikmati ceritanya, walaupun ceritanya mungkin hanya fiksi belaka.
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